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Authentic Indian Cuisine Takeaway Service

Brampton foods is a take out restaurant only and We will be opening our dine in facility from 11th August with limited seating and everything will be served in disposables to avoid any contamination, so that same utensils are not touched by everyone
All the food is being served in disposables.

Our Menu: Fresh, Delicious & Healthy!

Our menu features a wide variety of fresh and healthy Indian foods and snacks, including tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, kebab, amritsari kulcha, Brampton foods specialties and much more. Have a look at some of our delicious range of Indian foods and snacks that are produced to cater to your taste and budget.

Note: Now we don’t make extra mint or tamarid sauce. if you like to have mint or tamarid sauce with samosas or pakoras, that can be purchased in small dipping containers at .50 cents each.

Rice & Biryani’s

Description Price
Plain Rice Steamed long grain basmati rice. $2.99
Vegetable Pulao Long grain basmati rice vegetables and Indian spices. $9.99
Vegetable Biryani Long grain basmati rice cooked with vegetables on “Dum” with fresh green herbs, aromatic Indian spices and saffron. $11.99
Chicken Biryani A delicious preparation of boneless chicken and long grain basmati rice cooked on “Dum” with fresh green herbs, aromatic Indian spices and saffron. $14.99
Goat Biryani A delicious preparation of tender fresh Ontario goat and long grain basmati rice cooked on “Dum” with fresh green herbs, aromatic Indian spices and saffron. $16.99
Lamb Biryani A delicious preparation of boneless lamb cubes and long grain basmati rice cooked on “Dum” with fresh green herbs, aromatic Indian spices and saffron. $16.99
Chicken Tikka Biryani A delightful combination of barbecued boneless chicken and long grain basmati rice cooked on “Dum” with fresh green herbs, aromatic Indian spices and saffron. $15.99
Special Spicy Chicken Biryani With Bones A delicious savory rice dish that’s loaded with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions, and flavorful saffron rice. $16.99

Our Specials


Description Price
Special Keema Mutter Goat meat mince cooked with Indian Spices and herbs. $19.99
Paneer Vindaloo A dish involving cooked and marinated cottage cheese. $15.99
Special Dhaba Chicken(with bones) Our special bone-in chicken cooked along with our special masalas and gravy which will make you hooked on this recepie. $16.99
Special Dhaba Paneer Dhaba style paneer is a spicy and delicious cottage cheese prepared in a thick yogurt gravy. $15.99
Butter Chicken With Bones Stir fried chicken with onion and bell pepper with fresh species. $16.99


“Wraps come with a canadian pop”

Description Price
Chicken Tikka Wrap Made with tendered chicken tikka roll, that tossed with onion, pepper and sauces. $9.99
Chicken Masala Wrap Fresh baked naan, chicken tikka masala, sliced onion and mint sauce. $9.99
Paneer Tikka Wrap Fresh baked naan, paneer tikka, shredded lettuce, onion , tomato, bell pepper, mint sauce and our special hot and sweet sauce. $9.99
Aaloo Tikki Wrap Combo Delicious aaloo tikki wrap served with small portion of fries and a pop, excellent choice for vegetarian & vegans. $11.99
Veg Kabab Wrap Combo $11.99


Description Price
Keema Naan Naan stuffed with minced lamb meat and served with goat curry sauce. $9.99
Cheese Naan Stuffed naan bread with spiced cottage cheese and chopped onions. $6.99
Chilli Onion Kulcha Tandoori baked bread topped with chopped onion, green chilli and fresh green coriander. $5.99
Aloo Kulcha Stuffed bread with spicy potato mix. $5.99
Butter Naan Tandoori bread glazed with butter. $2.99
Garlic Naan Naan bread topped with chopped garlic and fresh green coriander $2.99
Plain Naan Leavened flour flat bread baked in the “Tandoor” $1.99
Lacha Parantha Flaky whole wheat flour bread baked in the “Tandoor” $2.99
Tandoori Roti Whole wheat flour flat bread baked in the “Tandoor” $2.99
Amritsari Kulcha One pc of Amritsari kulcha served with chana and onion salad $9.99
Chana Bhatura 2 pcs of bhatura served with chana ; onion salad $11.99
Extra Bhatura 2 pcs of bhatura served with chana ; onion salad $2.99


Masala Tea $2.99
Cardamom Tea $2.99
Coffee $2.99

Dear customers
Due to sharp increase in meat products we have to increase our prices too and this will be temporary. Once the prices comes down we will also decrease our prices but at present the price of Chicken, Lamb and Goat have gone more than double and hope you all understand.

Canada Day
Wishing you all a very happy & blessed Canada day and enjoy your long weekend. We are closed on Sunday July 1st & Monday July 2nd on account of Canada day. We will reopen on Tuesday July 3rd at our regular hours