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Western Union Money Transfer

Whether you want to send money to your best friend in New York, parents in India or your cousin in China, you can easily send money to the people you love anytime as we, at Brampton Meats, are authorized agents of Western Union Money Transfer. Now, sending money is easy in Ottawa.


The aim of being the trusted Western Union agent motivates us to provide excellent customer service to our customers across Ottawa. We always treat our customers with respect and help them to understand the entire money transferring and receiving process.

To send money: The customer needs to fill a Send Money form and give it to our Western Union Agent. Our agent will enter your entire information into the Western Union system, check your identification and need your qualifying debit card with PIN to send cash which will also include the sending fee. You just need to sign the receipt and provide us with a copy.

Why send money with Western Union?

  • Secure pay process with debit card.
  • New amazing foreign exchange rates with no fees for the receiver.
  • Reliable service and experience.
Now Transfer & Receive Money Easily With Western Union Money Transfer Service Ottawa.